We are Committed to Your Success,

Not Just Your Certification

Our mission is to empower advisors to deliver Exit Planning services across the Lower-Middle Market owner marketplace

Empowering Advisors, Ensuring Seamless Exits

Welcome to the International Exit Planning Association (“IEPA”), a practitioner-led organization of approximately 275 senior-level advisors and consultants committed to helping business owners prepare for and achieve successful exits from their privately held businesses.

Our members go beyond “exit talking”; they are advocates – “Exit Doers” who deliver high-quality, tailored solutions that cover every aspect of business exit planning.  This practical experience is borne from the hundreds of exit plans produced by the IEPA staff and professionals and the thousands more produced by our members.

The IEPA is also the governing body responsible for establishing and maintaining standards for the CBEC® (Certified Business Exit Consultant®) designation. The CBEC® designation has a stellar reputation that drives growth for our members and their business owner clients.

What Sets Us Apart: Practitioner-Led Expertise

In the world of exit planning, theoretical knowledge only scratches the surface and, classes alone produce “exit talkers”.  The real mettle is tested in the trenches of practical application, or “Exit Doing”. That’s where IEPA stands out.

We aren’t just an academic entity or an education company; we are a consortium of seasoned practitioners with deep experience that benefits all members. Our team has developed hundreds of exit plans, advising on billions in illiquid wealth, having facilitated nearly half a billion dollars in liquidity events for business owners. This hands-on experience sets us apart, equipping us with the real-world knowledge to effectively support and train advisors.  It is this experience that drives the development of our content, tools, support and IEPA member-network.

Mission, Vision, 
& Focused on Results

Our mission is to empower both business owners and their advisors with the tools, training, and support they need. While our organization primarily serves professional advisors, our success isn’t measured by the quantity of advisors we educate and certify. Our success is defined by the seamless transitions we facilitate, the dreams we realize, and the legacies we preserve as we prepare for the significant transfer of Baby Boomer wealth in the coming decades.

Securing Business Legacies for Tomorrow

We envision a future where every lower-middle-market business owner is armed with a meticulously crafted exit plan, guiding them through a significant financial and emotional transition.

Building Trust: Business is Personal

We understand that business owners work with advisors they trust. That’s why we are committed to training and supporting our advisors to not only meet but exceed business owner expectations.

The Pillars of IEPA

We are guided by our core values of education, excellence, integrity, creativity, and service to others. These values shape our commitment to delivering unparalleled service to our network of Members and Certified Business Exit Consultants™.


John Leonetti

John Leonetti


Meet John Leonetti

Our founder, John Leonetti, over the past few decades has advised hundreds of midsized firms on exit-related issues and is the author of Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth – A Strategic Guide for Owners and Their Advisors (2008, Wiley & Sons – original publisher) The book is considered by many the leading resource for owner exits.  The 6-step process within the book is the foundation for the proven process that is the cornerstone of our training methodology.

Merging his formal training in law and finance with real-world exposure, John has pioneered curricula, tools, and support mechanisms for professional advisors over the last 30 years. His journey, dotted with diverse professional experiences – from family businesses to M&A firms, planning, to business sale transactions, and even academia – culminated in the birth of the IEPA.

At the helm of the IEPA, John has an adept team, each dedicated to realizing the company’s vision and mission.

Meet Tommy Delello

As the Training and Membership Coordinator at the International Exit Planning Association (IEPA), Tommy Delello oversees and coordinates our various programs including our Certified Business Exit Consultant (CBEC) designation training program. He creates a bridge between the team at the IEPA and the membership so the organization can provide a comprehensive and cohesive educational experience for all who interact with the IEPA.

Tommy draws on his communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with subject matter experts to enhance the IEPA’s market-leading training. He plans, organizes, and coordinates training programs, workshops, and seminars for employees, members, and clients.

He is constantly working with the IEPA team and its community to continually improve the organization’s training capabilities.

Tommy Delello

Tommy Delello

Training & Membership Coordinator

Jenifer Hamilton

Jenifer Hamilton

Member Experience Manager

Meet Jenifer Hamilton

Jenifer Hamilton, Manager of Member Experience, is dedicated to ensuring that every member’s journey is enriching and effective. With extensive experience in marketing and sales communications within various membership organizations, Jenifer focuses on aligning our resources with the evolving needs of our members, especially in the specialized field of exit planning.

In her role at IEPA, Jenifer is readily accessible for member feedback, ensuring that your voice not only gets heard but also directly contributes to the ongoing refinement and growth of the organization. She provides continuous support and training to our members.

If you have any questions about leveraging IEPA member resources, please contact Jenifer.