The Certified Business Exit Consultant® (CBEC®) Designation course and exam is offered four times a year. CBEC® is not recommended for beginners. Professionals who achieve CBEC® are experienced business advisors who learn the body of knowledge (available immediately once registered), pass the proctored exam, and submit a written exit plan that meets the IEPA quality assurance standard (within 12 months of the exam).

There will be a total of 9 virtual sessions.  The last session will be the proctored live exam.

  • Orientation
  • Week 1: “Developing a Capital Markets Perspective” – How to understand and communicate current private capital market conditions
  • Week 2: “Develop an Exit Planning Perspective when Engaging a Business Owner” – Assessing owner needs and goals, measuring readiness, and identifying any value gap.
  • Week 3: “Develop a Perspective on Valuation and Value Growth” – Understanding and applying valuation concepts including concepts around a business owner increasing the transferable value of the company.
  • Week 4: “Develop a Perspective on External Transfers” – Gaining a comfort level with the business sale process. Applying the external exit option strategies that align with owner goals.
  • Week 5: “Develop a Perspective on Internal Transfers” – Understanding how and where internal transfers are the optimal exit option. How to apply internal exit option strategies that align with owner goals.
  • Week 6: “Going to Market, Building Your Advisory Practice” – Exit Plan Delivery and Execution. Pro tips and best practices, including a practitioner panel discussion and question and answer session.
  • Exam Review – CBEC® Certification
  • Proctored Exam – CBEC® Certification