CBEC® Designation

If your goal as an advisor is to add value to your business owner clients and prospects by designing and executing highly valuable solutions-based plans, then our program is likely a good fit for you. 

Practitioner-led Training
Focused on Real Results

Our CBEC® program empowers professional advisors to consistently and profitably deliver exit planning solutions to business owner prospects and clients.  Our legacy is not the number of letters that we have helped place after people’s names but, rather, the results that we have helped advisors achieve over the past 15 years.  We encourage advisors who are evaluating different exit planning programs to ask:

“Do I want to merely discuss exit planning, or do I aim to assess, design, and help to solve exit challenges that owners face?”

Proof That The
Market Truly Values

Unlike other designations, the CBEC® requires you to complete an actual exit plan with a real business owner before achieving the certification. This ensures that every CBEC® holder doesn’t just hold theoretical (or impractical) knowledge but has actual experience and proven ability – that is part of the CBEC® brand and promise to the marketplace; proven results.

The CBEC® provides training for a systematic approach, focusing on tangible deliverables and results for your owners and, therefore, for your practice as well. Our methodology isn’t just theory; it’s tried and tested, and we teach it to help you achieve the same results that many who came before you have accomplished.

Our Content

Upon registering for the CBEC® course, you will gain immediate access to the lesson plans within our cloud-based Learning Management System.  Before your shipment of materials arrives, you can begin to study immediately and proceed at any pace that suits your busy schedule.  Through our Exit Strategies School, you can repeat the lessons to reinforce the learning and delve into topics of interest.

The assigned reading for each Knowledge Domain adds to the lessons that are being taught and shows another perspective on each topic.  In addition, our Exit Strategies School offers Bonus sessions that go beyond the “assigned” curriculum to include:

  • practitioners who discuss how they use certain 6-step process and engagement tools to successfully engage owners and design and deliver exit plans,
  • business owners who have been through the exit planning process and share their experiences,
  • industry publications and additional reading materials

Our curriculum is curated and refined to offer you all that you need to be an effective exit consultant, while also offering additional, real-world lessons and concepts to help you develop higher levels of appreciation and perspective in this unique space.

What We Teach

With 15 years of refinement, our Exit Planning program continues to evolve for the benefit of our candidates. We provide comprehensive education in 12 key domains that cover all facets of the Exit Planning process:

Domain #1: Exit Planning Marketplace, Owner Needs, Advisor Goals and Resources

Domain #2: The Lower Middle Market / Private Capital Markets

Domain #3: Understanding, Assessing, and Engaging the Owner

Domain #4: Readiness of the Owner, Company, and Market – Value Gaps

Domain #5: Understanding the Corporate Entity

Domain #6: Valuation and the Range of Values

Domain #7: Business Value Growth Planning and Execution

Domain #8: Exit Options – External Transfers

Domain #9: Exit Options – Internal Transfers

Domain #10: Deal Structuring, Taxes, Legal Agreements, Estate Planning

Domain #11: The Advisory Team, Finding Exit Collaboration Partners

Domain #12: Writing and Delivering the Exit Plan

Our program equips advisors with the knowledge and skills needed for success, culminating in the prestigious CBEC® designation. Join us in staying ahead in the dynamic world of exit planning.

Price: $3,000

6 Study Group Sessions – 90min

Self-paced Modules

1 yr Membership

Our Faculty

Our faculty, most of whom are authors of the books in the course, offer their real-world perspectives through our Executive Study Group sessions.  These live sessions shape our students’ perspective on the art of exit planning and provide a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders to complement and add to the reading and online modules.

Membership & Tools

Your registration in the CBEC® course comes with a one-year Engagement Tools Level of Membership. This membership gives you three engagement tools, monthly calls, discounts to live conferences, and ongoing education, helping you to successfully and fully launch into the world of exit planning advisory work.