Becoming an Exit Doer, not just an Exit Talker, significantly boosts your value and confidence in the marketplace. By receiving the necessary training and support to execute your first exit plan, you gain firsthand experience of the immense value effective exit planning brings to business owners.  We train to a deliverable that is curated from decades of ‘in the trenches’ work with owners.  This experience builds your conviction and demonstrates your expertise, making clients more willing to pay for your services.

Why Choose the IEPA?

It’s simple. In a market overflowing with theoretical knowledge, the IEPA stands tall as the beacon of practical experience. With us, you don’t just gain knowledge; you gain the confidence, competency, tools, experienced support and expertise to apply it to business owners who want more than ‘exit talk’. This translates to results – for both advisors and business owners alike. We are a unique organization full of “Exit Doers” rather than “Exit Talkers”.

Adding substantial value to business owner relationships by addressing complex exit issues should result in higher compensation for you, the advisor. With 15 years of experience, the IEPA has consistently elevated exit planners by setting high standards and providing training and support for top-tier performance. Our faculty of practitioners collectively train at a level that expects attendees to actively write exit plans and take a leading role in implementing the plan’s findings in the market.

Commitment Beyond Certification

While certifications provide a classroom foundation, we stress the importance of practical application and experience. Through the IEPA, advisors gain more than just a professional designation; you gain access to tools, experienced support and a vibrant community of experts, dedicated to sharing, learning, and growing together. The collaborative spirit within our organization is palpable, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Why We Do What We Do

At the heart of every successful business lies the vision and drive of its owner(s). Our passion stems from understanding the intricate facets of each business, ensuring its prosperity through transition. Recognizing the nuanced challenges that come with business ownership, we know from our experience that the right guidance, provided to business owners can make all the difference in helping that owner exit their business and protect the illiquid family wealth within it.

Every exit plan crafted, every business owner advised, every liquidity event facilitated – it’s not just a transaction for us. It’s a relationship, a testament to our commitment to ensuring that every business, regardless of its scale, can thrive through the challenges of change.