Certified Business Exit Consultant®  Code of Ethics

The International Exit Planning Association’s (IEPA) Code of Ethics and Core Values set forth the Standards of Conduct and Directives for those who have completed the requirements and who have achieved the CBEC® Designation. This Code of Ethics sets forth the expected behavior of those who hold CBEC® Designation. Compliance with this Code of Ethics implies compliance with all regulations and laws that have jurisdiction over the Designee. This Code of Ethics is comprised of Standards of Conduct, based on The IEPA’s Core Values, which embody the ideals of a Designee, and, Directives which detail practices and behaviors to maintain the privilege of the use of the mark and associated logo in any form associated with the mark. The IEPA reserves the right to remove the CEBC® Designation for any violations of our Code of Ethics.


1. Excellence

We believe that there is a genuine need for objective advice delivered to exiting owners who are experiencing an exit transaction. Excellence reflects a desire to deliver optimal solutions to owners. Therefore a Designee can enter into a client engagement only if they have the capability to deliver the services agreed to, or if they can provide such services. Furthermore, the Designee shall subscribe to the following elements which comprise the exit planning process:

  • Set the client’s exit goals
  • Determine the client’s financial and mental readiness to leave his business
  • Identify the type of exiting owner the client represents
  • Determine the best exit option for the client
  • Analyze and present the financial and fundamental aspects of the exit option selected
  • Execute the exit strategy

2. Continuing Education

Our training and certification programs were developed for professional advisors who are leaders in the marketplace. The IEPA’s advisor licensing and support Membership program is focused on continually educating advisors who deliver this service into the marketplace of owners on a regular basis. In addition, The IEPA requires evidence of ongoing CPE for all of our Certified Business Exit Consultants®. The requirement for all CBEC® holders to remain in good standing is both of the following:

  • Ten (10) hours of continuing education are completed each year, and
  • Membership in The IEPA

3. Integrity

At The IEPA this word is easy to define – it simply means that ‘you do what you say you are going to do.’ Integrity is about putting the client’s interests first and delivering solutions to owners that focus on the owner’s needs, not the desires of the advisor serving them. Therefore, a Designee shall not indicate or insinuate a client relationship, other than to his business associates or employees without the written consent of the client. The Designee shall detail in writing the scope of the services he proposes to provide for the client, the nature of all verbal and written deliverables, and the length of the engagement. And finally, the designee shall disclose potential and actual conflicts of interest to clients, prospective clients, and other professionals.

4. Creativity

A business owner cannot successfully exit their business without creative thinking. So many owners are stuck in the paradigm of running their business without any thought as to how they will successfully transition. Therefore, CBEC® Designees are expected to be creative in delivering these services to their clients.

5. Helping Others

The core of IEPA’s business is assisting owners with their unique needs in this highly specialized practice area. It has been The IEPA’s mission to reach as many owners as we can through our direct efforts as well as through our advisor training, licensing, and certification programs.